Syncing Pythonista to Dropbox now V1 API has gone

Recently the Dropbox V1 app has been depreciated, this stopped all the syncing that I had going on.  I knew it was coming but forgot when it was going to happen.  It just so happened I found out just before I was going into a meeting and needed to sync some information. 

As I wrote a whole series of posts about syncing up Dropbox and Pythonista, you can read them from the list below. 

Since this has gone, I have not looked into, nor have I had the time to see about changing the code I used before.   I have found another solution, quick and simple.  It doesn’t work exactly how it did before so I could put the files exactly where I wanted them to be, instead now it syncs an entire folder, so many of my scripts and Workflows had to be edited to pick up the output files from a different location, this also included some Drafts actions.

You now need to create a new app in Dropbox and when you run this it syncs Pythonista to this one folder.  This works like a dream, I have had to change a few scripts so instead of uploading output files to a particular directory on Dropbox, now when I want them uploaded if they are part of a Workflow on my iPad, then I just call the Synchronator python script.

Full instuctions and the code can be found here.  It is simple to setup, if you are stuck feel free to get in contact, I will try and help out the best I can

I am always interested in your thoughts so if you have any comments or feedback then please feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here.

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