How I get my SQLite database onto my iOS devices using Pythonista

How I get my SQLite database onto my iOS devices using Pythonista

Recently I have been looking for the best way to get my main SQLite database I use, onto my iOS devices.  This will enable me to run some tasks and kick off some automation tasks, pull information out etc like I do on my desktop machines.  

Now there are apps I can use if I want to run select statements etc, but I have many python scripts that do selects and formats data and does other things one it has the data, so I wanted more than just selecting, and not be tied to my desktop machine.

I thought I would have a look again at Pythonista.  I have always wanted to get into this more as I have read and heard many good things about the application.  Once I managed to connect to my dropbox account, it has opened up a new world of productivity.  I can now download and upload files to dropbox, and run some of the scripts that helps my pick out information for my current "proper" job wherever I am or if they are needed when offsite in meetings etc.

Now I can combine jobs from Pythonista and Workflow with my database, I am freed up more, and not so tied to a desktop machine.  Also now I can do this I can finish my migration from Bento to SQLite on my mac, its a shame I like Bento but as they no longer develop it for the Mac, I know if I upgrade I will always have my databases.

I have a Workflow created that runs this Pythonista Script and then gives me a nice notification after to say it's done, don't need to load any applications just click the one icon on my device.

There are a couple of pre-reqs, you need, one is you need to create an Dropbox application to make API requests, you also need the piece of code dropboxlogin.  You can get that code from this link

The gist of the code I use is 

import dropbox
from dropboxlogin import get_client
import webbrowser
dropbox_client = get_client()

The last line is only for if you want to open the workflow application after the code has run.  You can download the full script from my Github.

I hope you find this useful, if I can be any help with this please feel free to reach out and contact me through one of the channels listed above.

I am always interested in your thoughts so if you have any comments or feedback then please feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here.

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Backup Pythonista Scripts to Dropbox

Backup Pythonista Scripts to Dropbox

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