Recent changes to Evernote

Recently Evernote has changed its offering for the free application.  Now to start off I love Evernote, and I am a premium customer have been for years, and for now I will continue to use the application and rave it about its uses and how helpful it is, but I do have concerns over the recent changes.

The recent changes are, they have now limited the free account to only two devices.  I think they have done this as nowadays most people will have three devices they use, a phone, a tablet and a machine whether that be a laptop or home PC.

So now if you have these you are unable to use Evernote for free on three devices unless you subscribe.  My daughter is just about to start senior school, I was showing her the advantages and explaining Evernote and how she can use this in school to help store her notes and plan her homework etc, but now will she be limited when she gets a laptop as she already has her phone and tablet.  I am thinking is it worth looking around as other offerings such as one note from Microsoft.

I do understand they are a business, but I think if they are trying to attract people and keep people on the platform then there are other things I think they could of done.  I am also wondering if this will even have hard core, old time users of the products to evaluate what changes they will make again in the future.  I am wondering what this has done to affect the current user numbers.  I will still use the application and I do still really rate it, but I will be curious as to what they have planned next.

Are you an evernote user that has been effected by this, interested in hearing view about the recent changes.

I am always interested in your thoughts so if you have any comments or feedback then please feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here.

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