All in Windows

I have already placed a few tips up about Chrome, this latest feature I really like.  By looking at the Task Manager for chrome, you can see what resources a page is using, if you think that a certain site is causing your browser to perform badly, you can see exactly what resources it is using and from there you can kill the window/tab.

On the Mac version of Chrome you can get to this from the Window Menu, from there you can select Task Manager.

I have many PuTTY sessions on my main work PC.  I need to ensure I have all the sessions available for my support laptop at home, also I need them in case I am carrying aroung my small netbook and I need to connect to work.  I use the script below to make a copy of the PuTTY registry key to both my local PC hard drive and to my dropbox folder so I can access them from any machine.

It's a very simple batch file, please feel free to copy and distribute the script.