Chrome Task Manager

I have already placed a few tips up about Chrome, this latest feature I really like.  By looking at the Task Manager for chrome, you can see what resources a page is using, if you think that a certain site is causing your browser to perform badly, you can see exactly what resources it is using and from there you can kill the window/tab.

On the Mac version of Chrome you can get to this from the Window Menu, from there you can select Task Manager.

On the Windows version then you can click on the Spanner icon in the top, right-hand corner of the screen, then go to the Tools Submenu, from there you can select the Task Manager.  

On the windows version of chrome you have the additional benefit of a keyboard shortcut, this is Shift+Esc.

Below you see the two different versions of the Task Manager.



So from here if you think that one the browser if performing badly, you can from here see which tab is becoming a problem, if you see it consuming a large amount of Memory or CPU then you can kill that tab for example without having to close the entire browser.  All you need to do is highlight the issue and click End Process.

You can drill down further to see more information on the memory being consumed, all you need to do is click on the link "Stats for nerds"

This will then show you more in-depth statistics as you can see from the screen show above.

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