The Geek Blog

Here we try to put out information we think people might find helpful.  We try to cover a wide range of topics.  Most of the posts here are from experiences we have encountered, or we have picked up from somewhere else.

We can help in most areas of IT and we have a wide range of expertise, so if you think we could help out then please feel free to get in contact.  This can range from setting up your machines to routine maintenance, to as much as coding and administering your systems


A Brief History

The blog has been running for a good few years now, I started it as I like to share the knowledge I have plus I like to try and evaluate the new products on the market.  More recently I have been so tied up with "normal" work that I have not had the time to cover as many reviews as I would like, but hope fully now I have automated/outsourced many of my time consuming tasks I can get back to covering more reviews.