Mission to upgrade to the iPhone 8

Recently I knew I was due an upgrade so I thought I would go for the iPhone 8 plus.  I do like the bigger screen and have not regretted my decision, but it was not without problems. 

When I was looking at the specs on the website, to sync up you need Mac OS 10.9.5, iTunes 12.7, perfect I thought, I will have to update iTunes but that’s no big deal, this is where my problems began.  My main iMac is OLD had it since 2007 and I was running 10.9.5, I have never upgraded as I thought with the newer OS then performance would be worse than it is now. 

So I get the phone, backup my phone, plug the new one in, big fat NO can’t upgrade this phone as you need the latest iTunes, ok, so click to upgrade iTunes, but this is not allowed as you can’t update iTunes because my version of MacOS it too low.  

This is when the magical mystery upgrade tour began, so first I have to upgrade my iMac to the latest version, well it can’t go to that I can only go up to 10.11, but this was not showing on the App Store, but I googled around and found this link Get OS X El Capitan which would allow me to upgrade.

After a while this upgrade with no issues thankfully, so then I could apply all the latest updates and then finally I would be up and running again.  However I upgraded iTunes with no problems that was ok, but now after applying all the updates, I had to upgrade my iPhoto library.  I have this on an external disk and the 15gb I had spare on the drive was not enough to upgrade it. 

I had to get a second bigger external drive, copy my library to this new drive, upgrade that, then once upgraded I could copy it back and it would fit on my original drive.  Good now that has upgraded I can now sync my new phone so I can use it, would of been simple until the last minute one of my delightful children picked up the phone and disconnected it to look at it when it was on the last bit of restoration, an hour down.  I had to reset the phone as start again, an hour later I could then finally use my shiny new iPhone 8 plus and have all the fun of setting up Apple Pay again and all the codes for banking etc.

So just a word of warning if you are thinking of upgrading and you do have an older Mac, the spec for an iPhone 8 is incorrect as the version of iTunes needs a later version.


I am always interested in your thoughts so if you have any comments or feedback then please feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here.

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