Duplicate File Finder

This is my review of Duplicate File Finder from Nektony .  I got approached to review this product and it was well timed especially after my posts about cleaning up my digital mess everywhere, you can read this here.

This software is very simple to use.  When you first load the application you are faced with the screen below.  From selecting on the left hand side you can easily add the location you want to scan, or you can simply scan your home directory.

I have scanned Dropbox on its own as well as my home directory.


Once it has completed the scan, it gives you a very nice detailed screen, and when you click on a section it shows what each part means on the display, you can see this in the following screen shots.

Duplicate_File_Finder 2.png

As you can see from the screen shots, very simple interface and easily displays the options.  There are two versions of the software, free version and Pro version.  To purchase the full Pro version is only £4.99.  You can see the options that the pro version gives you from the picture below.

This application has impressed me, it's very easy to use and it scans and shows the results very quickly, this latest version has a couple of unique features 

  • The Select Duplicates in Folder option – quickly select duplicates in bulk in particular folders.
  • The Merge Folders option – find similar folders, compare duplicate and unique files in them and merge the content.

Using the links below, you can download the application or you can find out some more information.  I would highly recommend this application for the few minutes it will take you can save some valuable disk space, on my Macbook Air which has a very small drive everything Gb is precious.  It is amazing how many duplicate files that can exist on one system.

I would like to thank Nektony for the review opportunity.

I am always interested in your thoughts so if you have any comments or feedback then please feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here.

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