New Year Digital Clean up

Before Christmas I had decided I was going to start to have a bit of a digital clear out, always do it with things and clothes around the house but how often do you do it in your digital life?

I had started before Christmas as one day I loaded Evernote and I have just under 8000 notes, what could all of these possbily be, there is no way I could need 8000 notes, so I started here.

After going through notes I had loads of duplicates where I have started notes for tips, commands help guides etc, so all these got merged, tidied and formatted nicely.  I also had plenty of Notebooks I had created over the years for certain holidays etc, but again not I have been on them, these are not required.  Also as I am trying to be paperless, I scan everything and had bills, receipts and letters from 2009, nearly all of those can just be deleted.

After spending the time doing this properly I am now down to under 4000, I have noticed the evernote is a lot quicker now, especially on my mobile devices.

Next I went through Dropbox where all documents and files are kept as a central place, I also have scripts so if anyone save files to local Documents etc then they are copied to Dropbox as well.  Going through here again I have removed hundreds of files that are old and no longer required, freed up a couple of Gb of space as well as nice clean folders again rather than files just everywhere.

Next up was my Desktop and home drive on the main PC at the current job again amazing how much gets disorgainsed and messy so quickly.

I also cleaned up and archived and deleted old cards from my Done boards within Trello and also deleted all the old projects that I have completed and archived since the switch to Trello.

It feels good to know you are digitally all cleaned out and organised as well as the normal cleaning and tidying you do in the house etc.

Next up to tackle, the main photo library, this will take some more time, wish me luck

I am always interested in your thoughts so if you have any comments or feedback then please feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here.

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