Seconds -  Interval Timer app review @secondspro

Seconds - Interval Timer app review @secondspro

I was looking for an interval timer, specifically for when I am on my Turbo Trainer.  I had seen and tried a few and none of them were right for me what I wanted to do.

I came across this one, and was highly rated so I thought I would try the free version.  It is very good although I do have some negative comments to make about the software.  With regards to the free version once you set-up a custom timer you can only use it once.  If you want to use it again you either have to upgrade to the Pro version or you need to add it in again, if this is quite complex then it will be a real PITA, so it is really pushing you to purchase the pro version, this is not that cheap, it's £7.99.

I have purchased the pro version and again I have an issue with this, although you have bought that you can't sync, there is no option, so if you want the timer you have created on an iPad and an iPhone you have to go through some export/import process which is a bit awkward, I mean nowadays with iCloud and dropbox etc, why is there no simple sync between devices?.

Now onto the bits l like, it's really simple to set up a new action, very easy, can you simply add and edit the items.  If you have a break in between like a pause, very easy to copy and paste the action so you don't need to keep typing the same thing out over and over.

I like that you can colour code the sections, so you can have red background for a hard sections and green for rest etc.

The layout of the screen is excellent, this is what I was looking for, you can see the screen shot of my russian steps below.


As you can see, very clean interface with all the information you require, see whats elapsed, how many intervals you have done and need to do.  How much time is remaining overall, the current one you are on and whats coming up.

On some of the longer intervals, I have a half time alert set-up so you know how much longer you have if you are not watching the screen, you can also have music playing, there is also a countdown in the last three seconds so you knows it's coming to an end of a section.

I like using this on my iPad and have it split screen so I can watch YouTube etc while on the trainer plus having these displayed on the other side of the screen.

This can also work in the background, I have a couple setup on both my iPad and iPhone, it is a great app but the cost could put people off and I wish it would sync easily across devices, but if you like all the numbers on your activities then this is the app for you.

Do you know of any other apps like this or do you have a comment about the app?

I am always interested in your thoughts so if you have any comments or feedback then please feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here.

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