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Last week I went to Legoland in Windsor, as soon as I got there it advertised an app to download and this will show all the ride wait times etc, I downloaded this straight away as I wanted to see all the rides so we can work out where to go and when.

While it was downloading and sorting out some bits with the kids, we went and tried to go on the viking water ride only to be told the ride was closed due to technical difficulites, so we thought walk down to the log flume (Get Water rides out the way first).  Five minutes in the queue, ride closed due to technical difficulties, was starting to get annoyed.  Walked over to get on the dragon rollercoaster, got in the queue went into the castle, checked the app saw about 7 rides were closed and it showed the roller coaster we were queing for.  When I looked down they had closed it and we had to leave that as well.

I got onto twitter and said basically WTF is anything actually open, followed it up with a screen shot of the app.  This is where I was impressed, as they got back to me in a couple of minutes so it's good to know they monitor their channels and do respond, and it wasn't an automated tweet.   They sent me an update and said everything except one if back up and running and that the app is now up to date as well.  It shows they care about the customers and have them actively monitored.

It was great they do this, and the app was good the times were pretty much the same on the boards and the apps, so we could plan the rides in so we could maximise the day, it's just silly they shut as 6pm on a Saturday.

I am always interested in your thoughts so if you have any comments or feedback then please feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here.

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