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This is my review of the FixMeStick.  This is a USB stick which you plug into your machine, either Mac or PC and it will scan your machine for any viruses, malware , spyware, Trojans and root kits.

How is this any different than you normal anti virus software, well it works differently because you boot your machine from the USB drive, so then the machine is not up and running.  I had this for my Mac, its very simple to use.

Power down your machine, plug this in, then switch on the Mac and instantly press alt/option.  Once you see the menu, select EFI boot and the process starts.

It will first ask you to connect to a wifi network, this is so it can download the latest signatures and ensure the software is up to date, then it will scan your machine.  To scan my Macbook Air, it took about an hour and at the end it did display I had some problems, but this was just a couple of exe's I had on dropbox, so I know them and left them alone.

I prefer this to normal anti virus as will a lot of Malware and some viruses they can get around anti virus software and when the PC is running it just causes problems, as this works outside booting from itsself it could be a life saver.  When you are thinking that all is lost and a re-format is required then you may want to consider this.  I had never heard of this thing until I had a guest post on the site, I am very impressed.

I am wishing I would of know about this about 2 months ago when my dad's laptop was gutted, I tried everything but in the end I had to wipe it, would of loved the chance to try and fix this with the Windows version of this, I am sure there will be an opportunity soon.

It's nice and simple, any level of knowledge you have you can scan this, you don't need a consultant or expensive trip to PC World etc, you can easily do this yourself.

The cost of the stick currently on the store is £9.95, this is for a 30 day trial.  You can get a 1 Year subscription for 3 Machines for £49.99, this is for unlimited scans.  You can also get a Pro license for Unlimted Scans on Unlimited machines for £289.99.

If the stick fails it comes with Lifetime Warrenty and Lifetime support.

I am always interested in your thoughts so if you have any comments or feedback then please feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here.

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