Termius - Follow Up - @TermiusHQ

Before I posted up my review of Termius.  This is a quick follow up post on how I find this after another couple of week using it.

I have paid for the subscription, this is £9.99 rolling for a year, so now I get the features I liked that were mentioned.  I now have it locked on my iOS devices with a pin and Touch ID.  My connections are that little bit more secure now on my devices, just in case I do ever leave them unlocked.

I have now setup a few connections, and I have also grouped them so they are easily to identify.  The other nice feature for me is now the Sync, if I change it one device it will now sync across all my devices, this way I don't need to worry about updating the other machines.

This is a great app, just need to install this on my Android tablet and my Windows machine to have all my conenctions setup across my machines.

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