BuscheckerThis is my review of a great application I have been using.  The app is Buschecker, it's  a live bus countdown for London and the whole UK.

This gives you up to date arrival information for each bus, so if you are at a bus stop you can check the code, or just let the app show you all of the stops in your area from your location on your phone.

It gets the information from the data collected from the Buses directly from their GPS receiver.  The feature I use the most, is I "favourite" the bus stops that I use most often.  I can check the ones near my house, or when I am pulling into the train station so I can see if it is worth waiting for a bus or just walk.

There is another cool feature available, if you are not entirely sure where to get off, or you want to wake up when you are near your stop, you can set an alert in the app so it will alert you when you are near by.  I have not checked this out yet, as I have not got on a bus route which I am not familiar with.  I think I will test this on a normal route.

This application is available for iOS, Android and Windows phone, so no matter what modern smart phone you have you can use this app.

You can check out the site of the Buschecker Application, this has all of the download links for all the devices/platforms, or you can check the app store on your device.  If you do use buses frequently, then I would recommend you look into this application.

I am always looking at ways to improve, and so I am always interested in feedback so feel free to add any comments to the site, or you can email me here.