LG Optimus One

This is my review of the LG Optimus one P500.  This smartphone from LG runs Android 2.2 and on first impressions was a good little smartphone.  

First off I think I will get my negative points out of the way.  With regards to some of the phones that are available currently it is not the best looking phone, it does look basic.  Another thing I did not like with this phone was the charger was USB, so it is not the fastest to charge up, also I did not rate the camera to be the best (3 Mega pixel with auto focus), but if I'm honest I am not to fussed about having a decent camera in any smartphone.

Onto the plus points, this I feel is a great budget/entry level smartphone, as mentioned it is running Android 2.2(Froyo) which did not cause me any issues, it was very stable and I don't think once in the time I had the phone did it freeze on me nor did I have any application crashes.

The battery life on the phone was good, it was not like I had to charge it every night because the battery had run out like on some phones out there currently.

The screen was responsive and scrolling through the screens was very smooth

If you are thinking of getting a smartphone then this may be a good phone to start with.  Like many of us geeks we like to have a variety of handsets, I would like to have this as an Android phone, its affordable, at £130 to buy the device as PAYG.  If you are currently an iPhone or possibly even a Nokia user then this could be a good entry level phone for you to play with to get use to the Android operating system.  It was good to show other people just to let them know that there are other manufacturers that make Android devices other than HTC.  Some people I have shown this to, who in fairness are not overly technical assumed that if you want an Android phone then you need a HTC device.

You can get a cradle with this handset, so you can mount the phone in your car and use google maps as a sat nav device.

This phone is available now, and you can get it on the Three network on a contract or as mentioned before this is available on PAYG with AYCE data (All You Can Eat)

I am always looking at ways to improve, and so I am always interested in feedback so feel free to add any comments here

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