Brasso Gadgetcare


This is my review of Gadgetcare, the new cleaner for all your gadgets from Brasso.  

I had heard of this new cleaner previously and what I had heard were all positive comments about it.

Personally I am always dubious of cleaners, as I have had many over the years, and there are so many that claim to be good but never live up to the claims.

I had my first experience while at the Gadget Show Live event earlier this year, and it looked impressive.  It cleaned an iPad screen to a really nice finish with no streaks or smears.

My first impresssion seeing the size of the bottle was that it would not last you very long, However when using the cleaner you only need 1 or 2 small drops to clean an iPad for example, so I could see this going a long way.  It comes with a microfibre cloth, so one small pack and you are ready to go.

This will clean the surface of your laptop/macbook as well as the screen, as the name implies it is for all gadgets not just a screen cleaner.  Its a versatile, gentle, non-abrasive gel that incorporates silicone to help prevent smears and anti-static properties to combat static cling.  I think that it is very reasonably priced at £4.99 a bottle including a Microfibre cloth.

I have given this to other people I know to get their impressions, again they were suspicious, especially with the name, I kept getting them saying "Brasso, as in Brasso", even still they were keen to try it out.  My brother in law used it to clean the portable dvd screen in his car after my niece had decided she would try to clean the screen herself with a baby wipe.  He was impressed with the way it cleaned the screen, he then proceeded to clean the other dvd player, sat nav, dashboard etc etc.

Once you have cleaned your iPad for example, you then face another issue, this one being that now the screen is looking really nice, clean and streak/smudge free, then you don't want to get the screen dirty again by touching it.

You can purchase Brasso Gadget Care from Amazon by clicking this link below (pack of three). 
I am always looking at ways to improve, and so I am always interested in feedback so feel free to add any comments here

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