The North Face e-Tip Gloves

This is my review of the North Face e-Tip gloves.  I got these a couple of years ago for Christmas and I love these gloves.  Not only do they look cool with the robot type print, it is great that I can still use my iPod and phone without having to take my hands out my gloves when it's cold.


The tip of the index finger and the thumb has a simple silver patch which enables you to use your touch screen devices, and click wheels on your iPods etc without having to take your hands out of your gloves to get cold hands.  They are very lightweight and they fit my hands perfectly.  They are not bulky like regular winter gloves.

Until recently I have also been using the gloves when I have been out biking, it's handy to be able to check my times and location, answer the phone with out having to keep removing the gloves.

There have been a few people who have seen these gloves and did not think they would work and say they are just a gimmick, this is until they have tried them as see that they do work as opposed to normal gloves and they do serve a valid purpose, not just a gimmick to "look cool".

The only negative I can say about the gloves is they are not as warm as regular winter gloves, so you can get warmer gloves, but then you won't be able to use your gadgets.

Thanks to the people at The North Face I have one pair of these gloves (Extra Large Only) to give away, all you need to do to enter the competition is submit an email via this following linkPLEASE NOTE only emails submitted via this link will be eligible to win the competition.  Entries will close on the 29th May 2011, and the winner will be notified via email on this date.

I am always looking at ways to improve, and so I am always interested in feedback so feel free to add any comments here


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