The Hornit Bike Horn

When I am not "geeking" so to speak I do enjoy cycling, both mountain biking and road cycling.  Recently because of my awful unreliable train service I have started to cycle to work.  Some of the problems I have when cycling is cars not seeing me, plus pedestrians stepping out in  front of me.  Having a silly bell would not make a difference at all, that is when I remembered The Hornit.

I first saw this at the bike show back in January, you could not fail to notice it because you could hear this horn no matter where you were in the show.  I spoke to the Tom De Pelet the man who designed and invented the product.  This little bike horn produces 140Db of sound, it is seriously loud.

It has two different sound modes

  • ‘road’ mode – piercing 140 decibel sound, where vehicles are the main danger
  • ‘park’ mode – lower pitched horn sound, where pedestrians are the main danger

To me I think if you are a commuter cyclist you should have one of these devices.  Not only has this helped me on my commute, when I am casually riding at the weekend, both me and my brother in law have one.  We normally ride a few meters apart now if one of us has a problem, then one quick blast on the hornit we know one of us has a problem.  This saves us trying to shout out or having to wait until we look round to see one of us has dropped off etc.

As a commuter I was concerned about leaving this on my bike all day when I am parked up, but it easily unclips from the bracket, also with the trigger you can very easily unclip this so you do not have to worry about it being stolen from your bike.

The hornit is priced at £34.99 and you can purchase them directly from

Below you can watch this video where you can see the hornit in action.

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