Commuter X4 from Veglo

This is one of the cool things that I saw this year at the Gadget Show Live at the NEC in Birmingham.  The reason that it caught my eye is I am a keen cyclist and everything that can help you to be seen when on your bike is a good thing, as I have been knocked off before I think this is a great device.

The Commuter X4 is a wearable rear light for cyclists, you can wear it on your shoulders or on the outside of your back pack.  It has a projective central LED light with 4 LED fibre optic light guides in the straps so they light is spread all around the straps.

You can recharge the light by USB, so you don't need to replace batteries.  It is water resistant, and it has many different settings for the lights to flash and fade.  You can also adjust the lumens for power saving when using it.

One thing I like is it has a side profile for when you are at junctions, so it's not just the back of you that is seen.

I am not the only person that thought this is great, the Commuter X4 won 2nd Place at the British Inventors’ Project during the Gadget Show Live 2014.  I was there to see Ed collect his award from Jason Bradbury on Tuesday.

They currently have a kickstarter project to help fund and develop the product.  You can see how popular this is already, they launched this at the press/trade day on Tuesday, and after the first full day of Gadget Show Live they were up to 45% of their goal, today they are up to 65% of their target.

You can see some pics below


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