Twelve South Compass Stand

Twelve South Compass StandThis is my review of the compass stand from Twelve South Compass for iPad

This is a good quality portable stand for your tablet device. It's a very well made, durable stand, that you can use in portrait or landscape mode.

The actual stand is actually quite heavy, it probably weighs the same as an ipad. It costs around 40 pounds**, you could probably find other stands, but it is very sturdy and of a high build quality and I would recommend it over the others, plus it is very portable which is the big win for me.

It comes in a Small neoprene case, and when it is closed away it is only the width of a couple of pens. All the the legs and the ledges to support the tablet are rubber, so they can't scratch or mark your tablet at all, and you don't need to take the tablets out of the cases you can easily just stand it on there.

I find it very sturdy when it is in portrait mode and I do mainly use it when it is in this mode, its great when I am reading in Starbucks, as you can just prop it up and read away and just swipe the pages, plus when I am working on a project or reading/learning from a technical manual it is good to have it propped up next to my screen so you can easily read and type notes on the compueter, plus it's easy to refer back to something as you are reading.

Landscape Mode

When in landscape mode the ipad is at the optimum typing level, so you easily tap away, when in landscape mode it does not feel as sturdy in portrait mode, if you lean on the side or clip the edge it does easily tip, but for typing on it, it is alright, as you are really only using the keyboard . 

I have mentioned the iPad here you can easily use it on any tablet, I can't imagine using the Nexus or Galaxy Tab, one of the small tablets in landscape mode, but you could do with portrait mode, you just bring the legs closer together.

**This stand is normally priced at around £40, but currently on Amazon  it is down to £20 which is a great deal to have.

I am always looking at ways to improve, and so I am always interested in feedback so feel free to add any comments to the site, or you can email me here.

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