Orbitsound T3 Portable Speaker

This is my review of the T3 portable speaker from Orbitsound.  The T3 is a portable and rechargeable amplified stereo speaker.  With this it will let you take true spatial stereo sound where ever you want.

It comes with a rechargeable lihium-ion battery, so you can recharge the device without having to worry about constantly going through batteries or relying on an external power source.  Orbit sound say that it will play for approximately 10 hours per charge.  It only takes around 2 hours to charge the device back up.  I have not tested this or 10 hours straight, but I have had this on for around 6 hours and it is was still operating.

The device comes with a USB-To-Mini USB cable for connecting the device to a laptop/pc for charging etc, it also comes with a 3.5mm  audio cable so you can plug it into your iPod, phone, PC,  PSP etc.  You could use this device with your laptop also to enhance the sound quality for films.  It also comes with a Neck lanyard but personally I can't think of one reason you would want to carry this around your neck while the music is playing, plus even at the widest setting the strap is not very big.  

It's very simple to use, one simple power switch, then one switch for you to set the level of 'airSound'.  The settings that are available to you are 

  • Off
  • N
  • Max

When the setting it switched to off, the sound will still come out of the speaker but the airSound will not be activated, so it will be a regular speaker.  As soon as you switch it to N you can instantly notice the difference with the sound from the device.  Again the sound is further improved when it is switched to Max.  When you do switch the AirSound on you may need to turn the volume down on your device as the sound does get better but it also gets louder and the full speaker is working.

It is very small and lightweight, as you can see from the pictures below, I have compared the size of the device to my iPod classic.  It is about the same size, slightly thicker although weighs less than the iPod.

I have found this speaker to be very handy, while working out in the garage it is nice to have some music playing in the background, as well as if you have people round you can put some background music on while sitting in the garden, without having to move speakers around or have cables dragging around the garden with a portable stereo.

This has won several five star awards from iPod User magazine, Mac World Editors Choice and The official windows magazine, they all rated is at the #1 portable speaker.  

The cost of the device is around £50, I did not have a problem with this speaker even at £50 I would purchase one of these, the sound you get from it is well worth the money.  You can purchase these direct from the Orbitsound website, as well as John Lewis.  You could also purchase this via this amazon link.

I am always looking at ways to improve, and so I am always interested in feedback so feel free to add any comments here

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