KoderThis application koder is a great app for coders and has become really handy for me. I enjoy scripting and programming little things to scratch my own itches so to speak. I don't class myself a programmer, but I like to learn different languages and look to my life easier where I can.

This is a code editor for iOS devices, it will work on the iPad and the iPhone.  It has a lot of good features, syntax highlighting, you can edit in different tabs, handy if you want to copy parts from another script.  

I have this linked to my dropbox which is where I keep all my scripts, so it is handy to work on them and know they will be up to date when I get back to my home computer or my current work machine.  You can also store scripts locally, or you can connect to and download/upload to an FTP/SFTP server, you also have the choice to connect to a WebDav server as well.

It comes also with a snippet manager, to start with there are not too many in here but what is good is that you can create and store your own snippets, so where I do have a few little functions I add on most scripts, I know if I need to start a new script I can easily add these in.  One thing I think would be good to add here is a way where you could sync your snippets via Dropbox or iCloud, this way if you do need to work on your iPhone, or another iPad etc you will have all of your snippets there.

I have templates I use when I write scripts, occasionally I just tap them up to ensure they work and do what I need them to do, then I format and comment them after, this is when I have used this application the most especially when I am out away from my main machines either at home or at work.  Occasionally I think of ways I could write/automate something, now when I do have this, I can start the script off, save it upload/sync with dropbox then when I am back at my desk I can continue working on it. 

When I have got to comment a script etc, its good to be able to kick back relax on the settee etc without having to sit in front of the computer all the time.

You can get the application via the app store  

I am always looking at ways to improve, and so I am always interested in feedback so feel free to add any comments to the site, or you can email me here.



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