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Mazuma MobileA short while ago I upgraded to the iPhone5, I have many old phones laying around, and to be honest I have no real reason to keep them.

I thought that I would try one of these sites that pay you for the old phones, the choice I made was Mazuma Mobile. Overall I was really impressed with the whole service, from start to finish.  The speed in which it was all carried out was brilliant. Basically from filling in the form, to receiving the bag through the post, to receiving the cash was 5 days.

First off I checked how much they would give me for my iPhone 3G and my iPhone 3GS, £33 and £53, so not bad I thought, it covers my upgrade to the 5.  I filled out the online form on a Sunday evening.

They need all your personal details etc, and the make, model and IMEI number of the phone, you need this to get the value of the phone. They give you the choice of either a cheque, bank transfer or you could get the money back in an Argos voucher.  If you do select the voucher you do get a small increase of what you would get if you select cash.

I chose the bank transfer, as its easier than getting a cheque then having to go to pay it in etc.  On the Tuesday morning the two bags arrived, one for each phone. One thing to note is they only want the phone and the battery, they don't want the box, plugs, charging cables nothing, just the phone.

In the leaflet it mentions that it is free to post the phones back, they give you a label to stick on, so if you want you can just drop them back into the post. They do say you can send them back recorded delivery or by a courier service, which you have to pay for. This is because if the phones do go missing in the post then you will not be paid, which I think is fair enough.  I chose to send them recorded delivery, which for the two phones cost under £3, so if they did go missing I am covered either way.

These were posted on the Wednesday morning, so they would arrive on Thursday, this way they could be tracked and someone would have to sign for them.  Around 9am on the Thursday I got an email to say my order was complete, and they would process my payment straightaway, well less than two hours went before I had a mail to say my payment has been sent and my order is closed, I checked my bank account and as they said both payments had gone through.

I would recommend using this service if you do have old phones laying around, which if you are anything like me, there are more than 1 or 2. They will take some phones if they are not working, or you can't switch them on anymore, as you don't have chargers etc, although I am sure the money will be a lot less than if it was working. I was surprised at the money they offered for some of the old phones.  My wife has a really old Nokia which she has had for around 5/6 years and they were still offering £15 for that. I will be going up in the loft shortly to see what I have laying around. I have three old phones I could sell now, but they kids like playing with them and pretending they have a phone, so I have no chance and selling those, but I am sure there are more treasures laying around.

I am always looking at ways to improve, and so I am always interested in feedback so feel free to add any comments to the site, or you can email me here

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