Brother VT-1000 Portable Speakerphone

Brother VT1000This is my review of the VT-1000 Speakerphone from Brother.  It is very portable, it's a long as an iPhone 5 and about 3 times as thick.  It is lighter than an iPhone so if you were to carry this around it would not weigh you down.  It is powered via USB so need to carry around a separate power supply.  It comes with a USB Cable (Mini B to A), Phone Cable, a carry bag and a user guide.

It has built in Noise reduction and echo cancellation and it's mainly targeting users who do a lot of conference calls.  I found it most useful when I was at home just to leave it on my desk with my phone connected so when I call came through I could just accept the call and start talking.  You can connect earphones to the device also if you don't want everyone to hear your conversation, but if you are just sitting at home then it will be fine.

It only connects via a cable, into your phone headphone socket, there is no bluetooth connectivity, which is a bit of a downside.  The speaker does come with a built in stand so you don't need to prop it up.  The audio is a little tinny, but as you are using it for calls etc then its suits the function just fine.  There is one little niggle of mine here, the cable does not sit flush into the speaker, it sticks out a bit so it does look like it is not connected fully.

Overall it is to nice just to have this connected to your machine, and leave it on your desk connected to your phone, so you can enjoy hands free calls.

Brother have mainly launched this product to work with their application OmniJoin, which is their Video/web conferencing software.  You can get a free trial of the software at

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