Pennies IconThis is a great app you can use for creating and maintaining budgets on the go.  This works on iOS and Android.

The best thing I have found this useful for so far while I have been using this for the last few weeks is to track my Oyster card.  I have a PAYG card and was forever forgetting how much I had on there, and then when I was going to use it I would need to top up, which then I missed the train.  Now whenever I go through the barrier, I update the app so I can easily glance at what I have so I can easily see when I need to top up.  You can easily glance at your watch also.

Another great thing this has been used for is Gift cards.  You could easily enter in your gift card values, then when you spend you can just tap this in so you can easily keep track, rather than wonder when you have all the cards laying around.  The advantage to this is you can also set the expiry date of the gift card so you know when you have to spend this by.

As I mentioned above you can look at these budgets from your Apple Watch.  Before the recent update you could update the budgets from your phone but this feature was removed for now.  I raised a support call and to be honest I think I got the fastest ever response from a software developer in 5 minutes I had the response to why the feature was taken away, you can see the response below.

Hi Craig,

Thanks for getting in touch - yes in the new version I have had to disable those features on the Watch App because of the new iCloud features on the main app. It is only temporary as I will be 
building a completely new Apple Watch App with the new OS3 coming soon - so those features (and more) will be reinstated.
This was highlighted in the ‘updates’ panel you would have seen when opening the app after the update.
I have never been that happy with the stability and features of the Watch App and hesitant to do more work on it until the new OS is available to work on - then I can really get 100% out of the device, which is good for you the customer!
It had completely slipped my mind to update the App Store Screenshots though - so apologies for that. I will get them changed asap.
I hope you understand and that this is ok for you?


So currently I do really like this application, so far I have not been ready and disciplined enough to set this up and use this for my full monthly budget for when I get paid etc, although there are certain sub-budgets I have during the month and may start implementing them one at a time.

I do think this is a great app, I had paid for it and am writing this because I like the app.  I think it will be even better when the Apple Watch features are returned and you can update from the watch.  You can find out more about the application at the website.

Here is an example video of the application.


I am always interested in your thoughts so if you have any comments or feedback then please feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here.

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