This is my review of the application Mactracker. This is a software application that will allow you to find out the full specification of your mac, no matter how old the Mac is.

I get asked many times, "can I upgrade my old MacBook etc", first you need to find out the exact model of mac you have, I have provided a tip for this previously, you can see that here /quick-tips/2011/10/24/which-model-of-mac-do-i-have.html

There you can see if you have a mid 2009, or a late 2010 etc, once you have that you can work out how much ram you upgrade to for example. If you do have this application installed on your mac you can run this and it will tell you exactly which model you have.

I have this installed on my iPhone and my iPad as well, so if I am out and about' I can send them to my quick tip to find out the model of mac they have, and then advise them on upgrade options from wherever I am.

It does also have all the software versions on Mac OS, iOS and OSX so you could if you want you could look at all the different revisions of the OS that has been published. It also includes a full history of all hardware ever made from Apple, so you can see how the specs off the iPhone have changed, or how all the keyboards have been improved. It is good just to browse back at some of the really old hardware from over the years.

So if you are interested in upgrading your Mac, or you are just a geek that likes looking through the history of the Mac etc, then this is a great app to have.  You can find full details over at

I am always looking at ways to improve, and so I am always interested in feedback so feel free to add any comments to the site, or you can email me here.