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This is my review of app Termius.  I was looking for a new ssh client for my iPad mainly to be able to connect to my ec2 instance when I am mobile.  I have alwasy used vSSH but this is no longer being updated, and it always crashes on my iPad.

I also needed a client that will allow me to import and store my key to connect to the machine, this is why this app came up, from all the searching this kept popping up.

I have only used the free version so far and it perfectly serves my purpose.  This app runs on Windows, Mac, Linux as well as Android and iOS.

If you do select the Premium version, which is 9.99 a year (auto renew) then you have the options

  • Data Syncronization
  • Built in sftp client
  • Snippets - Keep often used shell scripts
  • Terminal Tabs
  • Password Paste
  • SSH Agent Forwarding
  • Touch ID
  • Command line tool for ~/.ssh/config sync

Available on all your devices.  From reading those option, I may go for this as I currently use Textastic for my sftp client, and I like the ides of the Snippets and Touch ID for security.

This app so far has been brilliant, I have easily saved my key to connect to my ec2 instance, and the app is very smooth and fast , it works perfectly.  Out of all the apps I have tried over the years this has been the best.  So far I have only used this on iOS but I am going to try this on my Mac and Windows's machines.  Be good to have everything synced across my whole estate.

If you are looking for a basic ssh client, then you should look at this one.

I am always interested in your thoughts so if you have any comments or feedback then please feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here.

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