This is my review of Trello.  I put up a post last week about how I have started to try out Trello and this is my review of the last couple of weeks since I've been using this.

I have found this to be really good, I do like the visual way you can easily see all the cards on the boards, you can easily see what you are currently working on, what you've done and whats still outstanding.  I am using this now with tracking my teams projects as well, they don't all use Trello but I have assigned them to labels inside so on a task or project I can easily see whose assigned to it and what they are currently working on, this visual step is good when assigning new work when it comes in.  I can easily see at a glance who has capacity for the work.

Inside a card, you can add checklists, attachments as well as make comments which you can add notes, commands, reminders etc for this card.  A card is essentially one tasks, this could be main step of a bigger project which you can then break down into smaller tasks.  You can also assign power-ups to cards.  In the free version you can only have one powerup per board, I use it to link to Evernote, so I can point it to one note.  This is where this is an annoyance as each time you create a new board, you have to re-authorise to your Evernote account, not sure why you can't just connect it once then you use it all the time.

I have been trying to use this as a replacement to OmniFocus which I do love, and for the last few weeks I have been trying to stay on this one thing, and I have been able to do this.  Will this be a full replacement, I still think it's too early to say, as I have also written lots of Automation around OmniFocus for projects and tasks etc, not sure I can do this on Trello.

It does come with Mobile versions as well as the Browser version, both are good.  If you are looking for a task/project management tool then you should look into this, I am not really using this as it should be usd for collaboration etc, but so far for personal use it's working ok for me.

I am always interested in your thoughts so if you have any comments or feedback then please feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here.

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