Manhatten T1 Freeview HD - First Impression

First thing I have noticed is how small the box is, proper dimensions are (W) 120mm * (H)28mm * (D)100mm, it only weights 130 grams.

Nearly everything you need comes with this.  The HD box, Power Cables, HDMI Cable, remote control and batteries, if you want to use the free and premuim streaming services then you will need an ethernet cable to plug into your router, this is not supplied.

Setup guide looks very clear to understand, nice and simple, good visual diagrams showing the buttons you need to press etc.

Device comes with a Two year warranty, to activate this you just need to register within 30 days of purchase.  There is a leaflet with all the details about this is the box.

You can see full details from the following link

Now to plug it in and set it up......

Manhatten T1 Freeview HD - Full Review

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