StickemsThis is my review of the very nifty reusable screen cleaners called Stickems.  I saw these while I was at the @Gadgetshowlive event a couple of weeks ago.  

They are made from ultra fine micro fibre technology, you can use them for up to 1000 cleans, and they remove all the smudges, grease, oil, dirt and make-up from your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Although it sticks to the back of your laptop for example, it doesn't leave any marks or residue, so you don't need to worry about it staining your device.  The best thing is as they do stick you will never have to worry about losing them.  The way they stick is really good, you can't just rub them, or brush them, so they won't just fall off your device. 

They have a massive range, so whatever colours/fashions you are into there will be one there to suit you needs.  You can even have your own custom ones made, so it would be great advertising.

I will be purchasing these for some of the other gadgets, first off the daughters iPod, the screen is always filthy, and it drives me mad.  Now there will be no excuse for her not to have a clean screen.

You can see a video about them below.  You can get to the website on the link in the post, or you can find them on twitter or Facebook.

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