Jabra Solemate - First Impressions

Jabra SolemateThe first thing that caught my eye about this device, was the look of it. I first saw this when wandering around at @Gadgetshowlive. My first thought was it looks different it's not your basic bog square speaker. With the thick ridged rubber sole and the loop on the back, it's a distinctive look, it did remind me of a shoe, so I guess, hence the name Solemate.

When this arrived, I was really impressed with the packaging of the device, everything about it seemed quality. It comes it a solid plastic case, everything is hidden away underneath so you only see the speaker. The day after the device arrived I had a kids party at my house. And I left it on the side just to see people's impressions of it. Everyone commented and how it looked, how it was packed and it drew attention, the overall feeling with the speaker must be good just because of the way it was presented.

Within two minutes of opening it up it was working perfectly, and filled the room perfectly with a good quality sound for the kids party.

The speaker has a nice couple of touches, for example when you switch it on and off there is distinct audible sound, I like little things like this, it shows the attention to detail.  I tried to record the sounds on my iPhone, they didn't pick up too well, I will try again for the full review.

You can either plug your device in via the audio jack cable or by Bluetooth, both so far have worked really well. The cable is hidden away and attached at the bottom so you don't have to worry about losing the wire.

For a small device the sound is really good, out of all the portable speakers I have heard/used this I think ranks as one of, if not the best so far.

I will post the full review shortly.

I am always looking at ways to improve, and so I am always interested in feedback so feel free to add any comments to the site, or you can email me here

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