View pictures from your iPhone on your iPad

I have just been catching up on some podcasts as I am working from home today.  I have just heard this when I was listening to the Mac Geek Gab podcast.  Using the Camera Connection kit you can connect your iPhone to your iPad to display/import photos.

I did not know this could be done, I had never tried it.  As the iPhone will be seen as a camera and it will connect via its cable to USB I am wondering why I have not tried this before.

This can be really handy if you are away on holiday or out for the day and you may not be home to upload them to your main machine, you could in effect back them up from your phone to your iPad.  Plus it will be great if you have taken some pictures on your phone, you can connect them to your iPad to show people on the iPad without having to squint to see the small picture on the phone.

Below is a quick picture I have just taken with my iPhone connected to my iPad.

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You can purchase a camera connection kit using the link advert below

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