Enable Personal Hotspot on your iPhone

Personal WifiThese are the simple steps to follow which will enable you to activate the Personal Hotspot so you can allow other devices to share your connection.

All you need to do it go to Settings, there you may see the option "Personal Hotspot" as the diagram shows below.


If you have never switched it on, then you may need to go a bit further.  In this case go to Settings -> General -> Cellular.  From here you can then switch it on.  Once you have activated it once, you should then see it on your main screen when you load Settings.

One thing to note, you may not have Cellular it may say "Mobile Data".  Personally I am not sure why the difference, I just know this is the case as my phone says Cellular while my wife's says Mobile Data.  If you do know why there is a difference then please add a comment below.

Once you have this activated you can see when you have connections as there is a blue bar on the top of your screen displaying the number of current connections.


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