Alexa to give medical advice

Just seen and reading you will be able to get NHS advice from Alexa, no now instead of typing I’ve got a headache into google you can have Alexa tell you that you will be dead soon and of your worried go to hospital.

In so many cases try to self diagnose is a terrible thing to do, your always going to see and be drawn to the worst case you see on there, if you suffer from the slightest hypercondria this will be a nightmare for you.

There will be people worried about privacy, rightly so if you are asking personal medical advice from Alexa, however it’s no less secure asking Google etc from your browser.

Amazon have obviously said that it will all be confidential. It also adds that all data is encrypted and held in English data centres. They also said “multiple layers of authentication would protect the data from UK customers and that all information would be encrypted.”

Is this a good thing in your opinion, another step in the right direction to help the NHS?

Wow £1.8 Million pounds from Fortnight

So Amazon going to be delivering by drones

So Amazon going to be delivering by drones