Wow £1.8 Million pounds from Fortnight

So it appears a young teenager from Essex will be splitting £1.8 million pounds with his partner as he came second in the Fortnite World Cup Finals.

Not bad, £900,000 each for playing a game, I feel “Wolfiez” as he is known will be having a great summer off of school.

I have a feeling all the parents who let their play these games and struggle with the amount of time kids want to spend on these games, will now be worse because of this. To get to this level must of taken some serious dedication.

The game now has approx 250 million users worldwide, and this event had a total pot of money of $30 million dollars, which is the biggest there has ever been for an esports event.

The singles event will be played today and the winner will get $3 million as the prize money, serious money for playing these games. eSports will be bigger than the Olympics soon.

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