eSports - Could be massive in the near future

eSports could be huge in the next few years, recently in the summer there was an event where prize fund was around $24 million dollars, where all the best gathered around to play Dota 2.

These events are getting ever more popular, even games like Clash Royale and Clash of Clans are having global competitions.

More and more people are now "professional" gamers and do make a living out it, they reckon that around 2020 it will be generating around $1 Billion dollars, some make some money to get by, but some make serious money each year.

In Singapore they are so serious there is even an eSports academy where they are training people to become professional gamers.  It is tough as I saw one article saying on 3% make the top spots, but this will not stop thousands trying to make it.

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