@amazonecho and Apple Calendars

So on Friday I got my mail about what you can now do with your Echo.  Now you can sync this up to your Apple iOS Calendars, as well as Outlook and your Google Calendars.

I have been waiting for this, and I am happy with this for a few reasons.  The first main one is my main setup is Mac and iOS so now I can ask my mate Alexa for my schedule for the day.

The other reason I like this, not sure everyone will at first but it's good in the long run for everyone.  When you first set this up in the Alexa app you need to have two-factor authentication set on your Apple account, so if you were putting this off now you have to get this done.

Once you enable this on the web site it then forces you to change your password, this may you have to have a stronger password, another good thing.  You then have to generate a specific password for the device, this is randomly generated and is sixteen characters long, not its not like it can easily be guessed.

It's simple to setup and link, you can be done if under 5 minutes, and just makes my echo even better now.

Once all linked up you can select the calendars you want Alexa to monitor, then you can just ask "Alexa, whats my calendar look like".  It will then tell you the next 4 events, once it's told you them it will ask you if you want to hear anymore.

I am always interested in your thoughts so if you have any comments or feedback then please feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here.

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