Samsung Galaxy S8: The King Of Smartphones

You are officially on the lookout for a new phone, and only the finest will do. With so many handsets on the market, which is the best mobile phone out there and what makes it the best? Read on to find out the smartphone that conquers all.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is at the top of the mobile phone handset game. Let’s take a look at some of the features of this handset that make it stand out from the rest.

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 boasts a display screen that curves around the edges of the phone, aptly called the Infinity Display. This display seamlessly flows into the back casing of the phone making it a delight to look at. The screen resolution is Full HD+ and comes in 2 sizes; the Galaxy S8 being a hefty 5.8 inches, and the Galaxy S8 standing like a giant at 6.2 inches. The screen has a pressure sensitive home button that works even if you have a full-screen app opened on your phone, so no need for a physical home button on your phone. To the left of your screen there is a handy little Bixby button which is the Samsung equivalent of Siri, Cortana, and Alexa, so if you’re ever in a quandary about how many Dr. Who’s there have been, Bixby could find you the answer.


For the selfie fanatic buried deep within you, the Galaxy S8 has a front eight megapixel camera with autofocus. For the budding photographer with a penchant for wildlife, sports events or an all night rave, the rear 12 megapixel camera is all you need for crisp, clear photos that will make all of your friends green with envy on Facebook. And if you need that extra bit of storage for your cat photos, you can also use a Micro SD card for up to 256GB of space.


With an ever increasing demand for speed, the Samsung Galaxy S8 surpasses expectation. You can now open apps faster, and your battery life lasts longer thanks to a new 10nm processor. You can download your favourite episodes of the Walking Dead with ease as this handset comes with LTE and Wifi which means that your download can be up to 20% faster than previous models. If you would like more technical information on the Samsung, you can always get in touch with a mobile specialist such as HandsetExpert who can advise you on every mobile phone handset known to mankind.

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The accessories that accompany the Samsung Galaxy S8 are endless, you can opt for a classic silicone cover for an ergonomic feel, a clear view standing cover if you are looking for something practical or even a keyboard cover that provides you with physical buttons to get you Whatsapping with ease. There is a wireless option for charging and the battery pack for when you are on the move and you can even splash out on a virtual reality headset to experience anything from a roller coaster ride to coming face to face with gorillas in the Congo.

If you are after a high performing, boundary breaking handset, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is head and shoulders above the rest.



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