The Apps To Look Forward To This Year

Since the emergence of Apple’s App Store eight years ago in the summer of 2008 mobile software hasn’t looked back. At the start of the year, Apple announced some impressive news:


‘Apple today announced that the App Store welcomed 2017 with its busiest single day ever on New Year’s Day, capping a record-breaking holiday season and a year of unprecedented developer earnings and breakout app hits. In 2016 alone, developers earned over $20 billion, up over 40 percent from 2015. Since the App Store launched in 2008, developers have earned over $60 billion, creating amazing app experiences for App Store customers across iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac. Those efforts helped kick off 2017 with a remarkable start, making New Year’s Day the highest single day ever for the App Store with nearly $240 million in purchases.’

If that’s just one single day, then this year is going to be a big one for apps. Let’s take a look at the latest mobile applications and the ones that are going to make your year.


Firstly, Photoshop Fix is going to be a must-have for your snaps, and it means you won’t have to run home to a computer to edit your pictures. It isn’t a handicapped version of the desktop app as well, as it brings some serious editing firepower to your phone.

Don’t get caught out either - rain as we know it can come from absolutely anywhere. Dark Sky is an app that can give you minute-by-minute precipitation updates on your exact location. You never need to get wet, ever again.

If you love writing - Storyist might be for you. It is pricey, but it’s the perfect mobile environment for you to craft your next novel in! It comes with a fully featured keyboard, and you might find yourself working on your phone more often.

Showbox is a great app for when you want to wind down and watch some movies. Read more on the features of the app if you want a better way to enjoy films and television.

You might be a history buff, and you could feel a bit ignored by the constant developments of apps that aren’t geared towards your tastes. Enter V for Wiki. V for Wiki displays articles from Wikipedia, but attaches them to a map that means you can visit items of importance near you!

The world of quantum physics doesn’t escape apps either - Stephen Hawking’s Pocket Universe is a widescreen app that takes advantage of the size of tablets to display an insight into Hawking’s theories. Take it from the man himself: 'My goal in this new app edition, as in my original book, A Brief History of Time, is to highlight the excitement of new discoveries, and to offer an understanding of the new picture of reality that is emerging as a result.’


There’s plenty that your app store can offer to you this year - there’s plenty to look forward to and even use right now!

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