Awesome Smartphone Gadgets You Have To Try!

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Our smartphones are incredible pieces of kit; it’s no wonder that so many of us have them glued to our hand 24/7! But as well as being powerful little computers in their own right, there are a range of gadgets on the market that have made our smartphones even cooler. Whether you’re looking to buy someone a gadget gift this Christmas or just browse for yourself, here are a few that are well worth a look.

Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual reality has taken a huge leap in recent times, with technology being better as well as more affordable for the average user. We all know about the main VR gaming headsets on the market, but were you aware you can now experience it right from your smartphone? The Fly Zone VR 3D Headset is one example, you link it to your trusty mobile and are ready to go. There are a few different types of smartphone VR headsets available, and they’re not too expensive either.


Another piece of technology that has become massive over the last couple of years are drones. They’re now being used by the military, police, and even delivery companies have tapped into them. But hobby drones are a lot of fun and something that everyone can enjoy. You can buy models which can be linked to and controlled by your smartphone. Whether you want some cool shots to put into Youtube videos or home videos or you just enjoy flying these awesome gadgets, they’re worth taking a look at.

Smart Watches

Smart watches such as the Apple Watch are great devices within themselves but require you to be connected to a phone. They’re ideal if you’re aiming to live a healthier lifestyle since they work in harmony with many health apps, and can help track everything from your calories to your daily steps. Plus, they also have the benefit of running other apps which is useful when you can’t grab your phone. They of course function as a standard watch too! They’re not budget purchases by any means but considering what they do, they’re not too much different to what you’d pay for a regular good quality watch. The only downside is that unlike other watches they need charging every day, which is something you’d have to be prepared to commit to.


You can find these quite cheaply making them a great stocking filler for anyone who’s obsessed with their phone this Christmas! The perfect way to create a mini cinema, all you need is a dark room and a smooth white surface- a regular painted bedroom wall will do the tricl. It’s a fun novelty but does work fairly well too, so you could get some good use from it.

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