Why It Might Finally Be The Time To Make The Jump To Mac

By now, the bright fires of the internet war over the choice between Mac and Windows has died down. Most people, by now, have chosen a camp. But we know there are still some stragglers out there. There are still some uncertainties and some people willing to try a new platform. We reckon it’s worth experimenting to find which works best for you. Here are just some of the reasons it’s worth trying a Mac in particular.

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Windows 10 is still causing a lot of problems

The latest Microsoft operating system did not get out the gate to a great start. It was a forceful, persistent update that bothered people to switch all-too-regularly. Once they did, many people started to find that even supported programmes weren’t working. Others found that the slew of Windows 10 updates ate up hard drives and caused the performance of the PC to tank. Needless to say, we think Windows 10 needs a lot of ironing out before it’s really fit for public consumption.

OS X is the new king of the hill

In comparison, the unceremonious ditching of the original Mac OS has come to a lot of much-deserved fanfare. OS X and new Intel hardware have added serious punch to a machine that could, in the past, be considered solely for the enthusiasts. Now they’re as versatile as Windows 8 boasted it was, but still without the need for any fidgety driver installing or computer configurations. With Mactracker, it’s easy to see whether any Mac device is fit to upgrade to OS X, too.

World-class support for users

What some people consider as one of the downsides of the Mac is what we consider a huge upside. Yes, a lot of hardware and software is peripheral. It’s specifically made for or by Mac. But that level of speciality and even exclusivity means that Apple can offer support on all of it. You don’t have to rush from manufacturer to manufacturer for advice. You don’t have to search through reams of obsolete posts on the internet. Instead, the Apple support number can answer about 90% of all questions you have regarding your Mac.

You can still run Windows programmes

One of the benefits of the new OS X and Intel hardware is that Macs can now do a lot more. They can do so much, in fact, that they can run programmes that are supposed to only run on Windows. If you miss some of your favourite old tools or games, it can be as simple as running a virtual machine. You can even set Windows programmes up so that you don’t have to use the virtual machine interface to access those programmes. You can just start them up immediately and let the Mac do the work.

If you had asked us a few years back, we would still argue that the versatility of the PC beats out the Mac. Nowadays, however, Windows 10 is getting more limiting while Mac OS X is opening up new doors. So it might be time to change the tune.

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