Is It Time Your Website Moved To The Cloud?

Have you ever upgraded your website’s servers? The odds are that you might not have given it much thought. Cloud computing and technology, however, could save you a lot of money and help you develop a more powerful, more responsive website. Switching to the cloud may be sound like a big job, but in fact, it’s something that can be done easily with minimal disruption to you or your website. Here are some reasons why you could benefit from moving to the cloud.

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It saves money

Cloud-based working and website hosting is much more economical than maintaining operations in-house. With cloud web hosting, you’ll no longer need a ton of servers or staff to manage your operations as these can all be done remotely elsewhere. Most cloud web hosts offer affordable pricing plans which are usually subscription-based, so if you’re looking for affordable ways of upgrading your website, a cheap VPS from IO Zoom could be one way to do so. If your business is in the process of making cuts or efficiency savings, this could be one simple way to lighten the load.

It saves work


Manually hosting your own website can be a lot of work. The knowledge and effort needed to maintain server systems can be huge, and as these systems will need upgrading regularly, it is a never-ending job. Cloud VPS hosts can take this work off your hands, freeing up your staff for other projects and meaning you can forget about server hardware and the high level of care and attention it needs.

It provides security

A website that is experiencing a failure or outage can really cost your business, particularly if your website is how you generate revenue. Through cloud web hosting, you can benefit from the added security of knowing your website will continue to run, even if your hardware on the ground fails, or that during busy periods, the traffic can be easily diverted to ensure people can still access your website. Cloud hosting services also have great safety records, that means you can feel assured knowing that yours and your client/customer data is secure.

Everyone else is doing it

The ‘everyone else is doing it’ argument isn’t usually one that is successful, but in this case, it is. More and more businesses are adopting more fluid working practices that make having cloud-based computing an asset. If you want your business to adapt and grow and stay ahead of the competition, you’ll need to move forward with the way your technology works. Cloud technology makes it possible to run seamless, global operations that can allow you to expand your markets and offer a better service for clients and customers.


Businesses are realizing more and more that the latest technology is needed to keep up with the competition. By making the switch to the cloud, you can make sure that you’re one of the still early adopters of this revolutionary development that will modernize the way you work to hopefully grow and expand your business online.





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