Starting to use the Trello API

I have started to dip into the Trello API.  I have been using this now as my day to day system to monitor my projects, my teams, preety much everything.

I am a massive user of my iPad and I like to be able to pull information while on the go, I wanted a quick simple way to get a list of all my projects nice and easily which I can pull into apps like Workflow.

I thought a nice simple way would be to use Pythonista so I can pull the inforamtion from my iPad , easier than looking through and trying to write them down.  I could also pull this into my "Jarvis Report" daily email which shows me how many unread mails I have, current tasks, what my Calendar looks like etc.  I can now also add in a list of the projects I am currently working on.

So far I have got a list, nice a simple, I think I will put together a mini series of how I set this up so maybe it will help others along the way.  Also someone might be able to point in the right direction to I can enhance it,

I am always interested in your thoughts so if you have any comments or feedback then please feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here.

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