Office Tech Upgrades: When’s the Right Time to Improve Your Computers?

When we buy things for our business, we expect them to work without any hitches. We expect to buy a printer, connect it, then have it print. We expect our computer to turn on, help with our work, and then we turn them off. Sadly, it’s not always that simple. Sometimes the printer refuses to print, sometimes it’ll get jammed, and sometimes our computers refuse to turn on or they reset themselves automatically.

These are usually the symptoms of failing hardware components or buggy software. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for us to tell what’s wrong with our technology unless we’re tech-savvy or have experience fixing things. Most technology also needs to be upgraded after a couple of years because they aren’t designed to last forever. Those expensive computers you bought will eventually need to be upgraded or replaced as new software comes out, and that server setup you have in your office will be swapped for a more efficient one in the future.



When Should I Upgrade?

It’s hard for us to tell when a computer needs upgrading. What makes matters worse is that a failing computer can, most of the time, be fixed by simply replacing a part or reinstalling the operating system. You can look for a service such as to help you with reformatting computers and replacing parts, and they’ll usually give you advice on the estimated remaining lifespan of your hardware.

If your computer is still running slowly after replacing components and reinstalling the operating system, then it’s a sign that the software you run has become too demanding for your systems, or your hardware has started to degrade. If browsing the web and writing word documents is difficult and feels sluggish, then it’s most likely a hardware issue because those tasks don’t take up much processing power. It’s even more likely if the computer never used to be so slow.

If you use productivity software such as video editing or photo editing software, then it’s recommended your computer has higher specs because they are more demanding. Video editing in high resolutions requires a very good computer, and if you’re planning your office computers then make sure whoever needs to use a productivity application has access to a powerful PC.

Upgrade Before It’s Too Late

You don’t want to be caught without a computer due to a hardware failure. It’s crucial that you don’t leave upgrading to the last minute because it can be extremely damaging to a business if the computers aren’t working. It could delay business sales, you could miss important messages and emails and you’ll miss deadlines.

However, if you do upgrade your computer components early, you’ll be left with many useless parts that you won’t have a use for. These can usually be recycled, or if you want to make a bit of extra cash then you can sell them on eBay or other similar websites. Many computer enthusiasts like to buy cheap office computer equipment, and some businesses specialise in refurbishing unwanted office computers.

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