You Paid For Them! Making The Most Out Of Gadgets

Gadgets. We are surrounded by them. Every single home this year is going to be bursting at the seams with them. From Apple TV to Playstation VR, there’s going to be a lot of tech in each and every home. That doesn’t even mention your workplace, which, unless you’re a butter churner, probably relies on technology to even exist.

Even when you’re roaming the streets and exploring the world, your bag is at least going to have your smartphone in it, if it isn’t already in your pocket. Let’s not forget e-readers, wearable tech, and a computer. Oh, what about the tablet? We’ve got a lot of tech on and around us at every moment of the day.

We’re expensive people, us humans and if we are surrounded by gadgets, we should be taking care of them. Not only that, but we may as well make the most of them and what they can offer.

Firstly, it’s highly likely that your gadgets use the internet. Of course, it is. Your portable tech is just as vulnerable as your computer regarding internet safety, but anti-virus software is often overlooked on portable items. We just assume they are safe, why is that? Cyber criminals are going to be after your data, and it doesn’t matter where it comes from - if your devices are not protected, they are going to be breached. Take the cyber safety of your gadgets seriously.

Secondly, make sure your devices are always topped up with battery. Make sure to run a few charge cycles. A charge cycle is pretty much exercise for your battery and will extend the lifespan of your battery; it involves running the battery out to empty from a full charge instead of charging it up to full from about 30%. It’s a good idea to carry a charger with you at all times, especially if you’re packing a few bits of tech in your bag. There are plenty of other solutions, though - such as charge stations which are dotted around most major cities. These lockers allow you to juice up your device securely, so you never run out of battery.


Thirdly, now you’ve got a secure and juiced up device - do your research. It’s no point in us telling you what the best app for your device is if you’re the expert on your gear. Dive deep into the heart of your interests and see what your devices can do for you. There’s top quality editing software available on all devices, so if you’re into photography, you can make the most of the tech at your fingertips. If you’re into drawing, tablets can offer you a perfect surface for your art. Read into the apps that can unlock your potential and interests.

Making the most out of your tech doesn’t have to be a complicated task and you should be doing it. After all, you shelled out all the cash to own it - what’s the point of not getting the most out of it


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