Amazing Hacks That Can Help You Internet Better


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The Internet is a huge part of all our lives now. No matter what your line of work, or how you spend your free time, there is a pretty big chance that you will go online at least once each and every day. For most of us, the Internet is a regular part of our lives that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon! However, most of us still aren’t using this amazing tech to the best of our abilities. Do you want to know how you can Internet better? Here are some amazing hacks that can really improve your Internet game.

Speed Up Your Connection

Are you sick of waiting for ages for your pages and apps to load? Well, that could be because you have a problem with a slow Internet connection. Don’t worry, though; this is an issue that can be easily resolved. One of the best ways you can solve this problem is by switching your Internet provider. If you look at this leased line comparison, you will be able to see the different between the main providers. Another way to get a faster connection is to reset your wireless router.

Log Out Of Facebook Remotely

Have you ever quickly checked your Facebook profile at a friend's or relative’s house and then realized you forgot to log out? Well, you don’t have to worry about getting ‘Facebook raped’ anymore! It is now very easy to log out of your account remotely.  Simply go on Facebook using your own laptop and go to settings. From this settings menu, you can change your security settings. You will be given the option to log out from everywhere you are logged in, allowing you to log out from your friend or relative’s computer remotely!


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Mute The Twitter Trolls

Do all the trolls on Twitter constantly get you down? They don’t have to anymore! There is an easy way you can now silence them without blocking them. There is now a function on the social media platform that allows you to mute users. So what happens when you mute someone on Twitter? Well, you won’t get any notifications from them, and they won’t pop up in your timeline. And you don’t have to worry about offending them because they won’t know that they have been blocked. This is a great way to ignore a friend who is being particularly annoying!

Browse In Incognito Windows

Many Internet users are worried about their information and details being stolen by hackers. There is one easy way around that. You just need to browse in incognito windows. All browsers offer some sort of private or incognito browsing, so now there is now no excuse not to do so. This is a particularly useful way to browse the Internet if you regularly procrastinate at work and don’t want anyone discovering your browsing history!

Hopefully, these hacks will help you browse the Internet like a boss. There are a lot more hacks that can help you Internet better; have a quick Google to find out more!

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