Why Your Business Site Is Failing You

Your website isn’t bringing in the visitors, fans, and customers as you hoped it would. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this. But have no fear, because it might not be the spirit or the content of the site itself that isn’t doing the job. In some cases, you might just be making the wrong impression or proposition with it. We’ll look at how to turn your site into the best possible version of itself.


You’re missing the impact on the senses

Some sites work with a minimalist design providing just the information. Others, however, could really use the branding impact to tell the same story in a much more accessible way. Photography and imagery are all well and good, but an introductory video on the site could hook customers immediately if used properly. Too much text and you’re likely to have a lot of visitors zoning out too soon.

Not humble-bragging enough

Positive social proof is very powerful. People follow the herd or at least the leaders of the herd. Testimonials, when used appropriately, are a great way to show that the herd has already approved of you, so visitors have more reason to follow suit and give you a chance. A good appeal to authority can make a powerful argument, too. If your business has some high-profile customers or your site has been used in blogs and news sources, don’t be afraid to populate a little dash of honour with their logos (providing you get their attention, of course).

Hitting the right notes in the wrong places

Testimonials, logos, videos, and pictures are powerful tools, but they need to be in the right place. Conversion rate optimisation teams like PRWD find the right places on sites by looking at the data, seeing where most attention is going and which tactics are working best. That data-driven approach can ensure that you’re not hiding your best stuff where no-one is going to find it.

None of the right attention

On the other hand, the problem with your site is that it isn’t getting enough visits. As search engine optimisation specialists like SEOmark will tell you, your visibility on the broader web can have a big say in that. With the right use of keywords and link building, you could make your site a lot easier to find, which means getting more of those initial clicks.

All quiet on the digital front

If they click on that site and see something that looks like it’s from the early 2000s, however, you’re going to be turning them away very quickly. You need to think about whether your site needs a redesign. You also need to make sure it’s not being too quiet. No updates, no new content, and nothing different to offer since the last visit will make it look like a ghost town. If visitors don’t believe you’re sticking around then why would they?

If the above doesn’t work, it might be time to think about what the website is supposed to do and the content that’s helping it do that. The right content with the right tools mentioned above is a combination the average web citizen can’t resist.

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