Are You Utilizing These Top 10 Tools To Boost Your Blog’s Future?

When you’re a blogger, you can often be on the lookout for new and exciting ways to boost your blog. Whether you’re a freelance blogger and see your website as your main source of income, or you’re currently blogging as a hobby but want to change that in the future, it can often feel like a long and tiresome process. But, thankfully for us are, there are tried and testing tools that can boost your blog in the exact ways that you want them to.

Sometimes, you can want to grow, but you don’t always know the direction you’re heading in. When that’s the case, it’s often hard to find the right boost that you’ve been looking for. So, you’re going to need to know what your goals are before you get started. Whether you want to make more money, reach a larger audience, or just constantly keep growing, now’s the time to get your goals in line. Then, you’ll be able to work out which of the below tools could get you there. Some will work wonders for your blog, others might not, or you might find that all of them help. So let’s take a look at how you can get started.

Social Media

Most people have social media accounts, and when you’re a blogger, it’s definitely a prerequisite. You may have Twitter or Facebook, but are you really using your social channels to promote your blog as much (and as well) as you should be? Social media can be an invaluable way to reach a wider audience, get more traffic and even more traffic. If you really want to grow your blog, utilizing social media is a strong way to do it.

Cloud Services

As a blogger, you can have a LOT of content that you need to produce, edit and store. But it’s not always a great idea to keep everything on your blog, in case something should go wrong. Instead, you need to back it up. Now, a cloud service is a great place to store your content, photos and even plans. But, you might also want to look into cloud monitoring comparison too. That way, you can make sure that your cloud servers are monitored and safe, to prevent any problems arising.

Mood Board

It’s not always easy to be able to visualize your future or the goals you want to hit. So, sometimes, it’s a great idea to see your goals. A mood board is a great tool for that. If you want to envision your future, you can find pictures, phrases, or key motivational pieces to add to your mood board to keep you inspired. Then, you’ll be sure to stay on track when it comes to boosting your blog’s future.

Affiliate Marketing

If it’s money that you want to make, you’re going to want to start using affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can allow you to make a lot of money - but you’re going to want to work with the right tactics to do it. Not only will a wide reach help you here, but you also need to have content that your readers care about, and constant work on adding in links that your readers will want to click.

Guest Posting

If you’re yet to start guest posting, now’s the time. When you’re trying to find ways to increase traffic, guest posting is often a really great way to do that. Not only will it increase your visibility online, but when you guest post on high ranking or high traffic sites, you’re going to benefit from an influx of new traffic. Now, as long as your content is great, there’s a high chance that you’ll retain some of those readers for yourself.


Guest posting is also great for SEO. And if you want to boost your blog for the future, you’re going to need to make sure that your SEO is solid. It can be time-consuming to work on yourself, but it is also a valuable way to grow your ranking, traffic, and future income. It may be that you look to outsource this work so that you can have a professional make sure it’s done properly for you.

Graphic Design

And then there’s also your graphic design to think about. Some may argue that it’s only your content that matters, but imagery is often a huge part of your content. And more often than not, readers will judge your site by how it looks. You sometimes only have seconds to impress before a reader clicks off of your site, so your blog visuals need to count.




Right now, podcasts are huge. More and more people are listing on podcasts on everything from finance tips to history. So, having a podcast that runs alongside your blog could be a great way to not only boost your traffic but harness a new audience too. As a blogger, you need to be constantly producing new content for your readers, so this is one cool way of doing that.




Another way of doing that, it by vlogging. Being on YouTube might not be for everyone, but if you’re serious about growing as a blogger, and making sure that your blog has a solid future, it could be the key to putting everything in place. Not only will it be a new kind of content that you can offer to your readers, but it’s also a platform that allows you to gain traffic and top up (or even be the main contributor to) your affiliate marketing income.




And finally, you’ve also got the option of harnessing an ecommerce tool to boost your blog's future. It might be something that you actually decide to do in the future, or even get in early and start now. Creating an online store is an excellent way to grow your brand and push your income. Whether you sell merchandise, a product that is connected to your niche, or even offer downloadables, utilizing ecommerce could be the tool that helps your blog take off.




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