Costco Customer Service

This post is all about the recent customer service I received from Costco.  In summary I could not fault it one bit.

I purchased my TV just before Christmas 2008, and with it came a 5 year warranty, this replaces the manufactures 1 year warranty.  With this also comes a concierge service, a 90-day no questions money back guarantee and a service that you can call on for some one to come in and install and setup your TV.  

You hear about these services from other suppliers, but my experience of other retailers is the service you were offered is never the service you actually receive, due to small prints and clauses here and there, and I had my doubts about this service initially.

My TV started to go wrong about a month ago, the exact issue was one half of the screen would go dark then, after a few minutes the half that was dark would lighten up then lines would appear across the screen, at first this lasted a couple of seconds, but after a couple of weeks it was in total after about 10-15 minutes you would get a decent picture.  We first spoke to a member of staff in the store, and they said to just contact the concierge number with our receipt number etc and everything will be taken care of.  

From the first phone call I knew this was going to go well, we explained the fault etc, gave our receipt number, then from there they said they would call us back at a given time.  They rang back and gave us the details of a local repair company that will be in contact shortly to arrange the collection of the TV.  

They  got in contact the next day, arranged a time, turned up as promised, explained they will test the set out for a day or so, compile a report for Costco then get back to us, maximum time it will take they said will be a week.  

After 4 days they contacted us to say the set was beyond repair and to take it back to Costco for a refund, they delivered the TV back to us, explained the fault, and mentioned Costco seemed it too costly to repair (LCD Panel was failing) and granted a refund/replacement.

We arrived at Costco with the old TV and with in about 2 minutes of her reading the slip and looking at the receipt, the assistant apologised for the trouble caused and said “Would you like cash, or would you like it on a card”. Simple as that, we got a full refund no questions or queries, just an apology and a refund.

We then proceeded to the other side of the store to purchase a new TV which again comes with a 5 year warranty and all the extras listed above.

Then to top it off, we received a call from Costco concierge service the next day to see that we were happy with everything, is there anything else they can do for us and would it be ok for them to close the call.

It’s a shame not all customer service is this good, even when you pay for the “Extra Cover”.

I am always looking at ways to improve, and so I am always interested in feedback so feel free to add any comments here

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