Some Quick thoughts on the Apple Release from WWDC

These are just a couple of things that I thought sounded interesting from the WWDC keynote from Monday.

From now on with iOS5 you will no longer be tied to a PC or a MAC, you will be able to setup your device, wire free so to speak.  This will also allow you to carry out over the air syncing and OS updates.  iOS 5 will also work on the iPhone 3GS, I would of thought that it would just be for iPhone 4 and both iPad models, but it is good they will port is back to the 3GS.  It was reported also that the notifications have now been significantly improved.  It was mentioned that you will be able to receive location based reminders.  iOS is available to developers now, and will be available for everyone this Autumn.

They also announced the next version of the OS called Lion.  This will be released in July and again like Snow Leopard they have kept the price very low, this will cost £20.99.  The only concern I have with this is that it will be download only, personally I have liked the fact you have a CD.  The reason I like having the physical media is that there are the odd occasion that you will have to boot from the CD, so if this comes in download form only, what would you do in the event you need to boot from the CD?.

They also announced a new service called iTunes Match (only available in the US to start with but it will be coming to the UK after).  This service basically allows you for a one off payment of $25 it will scan your machines for all your mp3 files and over to 256Kbps high quality version of the songs and store them in the cloud for you.  Not sure how many people will take this up, there a lot of people out there who download/torrent mp3's them selves because they don't want to be tied into iTunes

The good news if you do buy a new Mac, when Lion is released in July you will be entitled to a free upgrade.

As always I am always interested in your thoughts so if you have any comments or feedback then please feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here.


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